Mr. Frank (Francesco) Timpano and Dr. Derham Groves are both registered architects. Frank has a local architecture and building disputes practice and Derham teaches architecture at the University of Melbourne. Jointly they have decades of architectural and planning experience in a wide range of projects.

Many of the current Moreland councilors seem to have trouble reading architectural drawings, nor do they seem to have a grasp of architecture and planning issues that comes with years of experience. Sadly, it seems that the same can be said about Moreland’s planning department.

Regarding a massive residential apartment building approved to be built in Albert Street, at one Moreland council meeting Derham asked the question three times “Where are the hundreds of residents going to park their cars?” No answer. Clearly, they had not thought about it, but they made a decision anyway. Unfortunately the same sort of thing is happening more and more all over Moreland.

It is important that councilors who understand the built environment represent the residents and ratepayers of Moreland.

Frank and Derham’s objectives include:

• Eliminate further waste of rates and taxes
• Reduce rates
• Improve basic services and facilities
• Creating opportunities for local people and local business
• Looking after the elderly and disadvantaged
• Improve recreational facilities and the arts
• Promoting good and transparent governance
• Reviewing and fixing bad council decisions

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